Drive Savings to your School's General Fund.

Now more than ever Kentucky school districts are challenged with funding and delivering quality education. For many school districts, solar energy could pay for itself and can drive significant savings into your district's General Fund.


Why Go Solar Now?

In the last decade, solar has experienced an annual growth rate of 49 percent! However, in Kentucky, there may be a misperception that solar energy systems are new or too expensive. While the technology has been available for decades in the U.S. and around the world, we have most recently seen a strong return on investment. Energy rates continue to rise and solar pricing has dropped. For many school districts, solar generation could pay for itself and can drive significant savings to your district’s General Fund.

In addition, solar can be installed as part of a guaranteed energy savings contract. We design the solar power system and then provide schools with an estimated amount of power that will be generated by the solar array(s). This number can be used to determine your utility costs per month based on past usage.

Schools Implementing Solar

Keep reading to learn more about how solar was implemented for these school districts to save energy and provide educational opportunities for students!


Covington Independent Schools, KY

Solar and LED Lighting

This project brought much-needed improvements to all buildings throughout the school district, including an improved learning environment for students. As a result of the project, the district has saved over $818,000 in utility costs. 


Noblesville Schools, IN 

1.985 MW Solar Arrays

In 2019, Noblesville Schools partnered with Performance Services to design and install four solar arrays throughout the district. The solar fields will provide almost all of the energy used by those facilities and generate $7,993,515 in net savings over 30 years. 


Michigan City Area Schools, IN

Solar and LED Lighting

This project reduced overall electricity consumption at seven buildings by 52%, saving the District $704,672 annually.  Solar arrays and LED lighting were installed at three elementary schools, two middle schools, Michigan City HS and the admin building.

Why Performance Services? 

Performance Services has focused on delivering savings and optimal learning environments to schools over the past 24 years. To date, total utility savings from our K-12 solar installations amounts to more than $4.3 million. 

Kentucky School's We've Worked With

With hundreds of school customers and long-term relationships built on successful building projects, we do not make the claim lightly that we know schools. Our team works hard to welcome your students home to new and renovated classrooms that help inspire learning. We have designed and built new schools; renovated, modernized, and expanded historic high school campuses; and completed life-safety projects for a wide range of school districts, in addition to implementing solar power solutions. See below for a few of our recent Kentucky customers. 

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Contact us for an onsite, no-obligation solar assessment and report.

Our team of solar engineers will assess your district's solar potential and provide a solar assessment that includes:

  • Potential solar panel locations and costs
  • Anticipated savings
  • Payback of solar compared to your current electricity bills
"We are watchful agents of taxpayer money. This project continues to provide significant financial benefits and show that we are willing to implement cost-saving projects to ensure that more resources reach the classrooms to meet our student needs."

Alvin Garrison, Superintendent | Covington Independent Schools